July 31, 2021


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9 things men want from you but do not say


9 things men want from you but do not say

What do they have in mind? What do men want from women?

The things that men want from women are not complicated, they are not impossible, they are not irrational. But, having the role of the tough, a male is not going to blunt them. So, either something unknown remains for you or women and Athens escorts read below and start deciphering the partner you have chosen to be by your side.

1. Admiration

Apart from the fact that you yourself need to admire the man next to you and thus always keep the flame alive, we want to inform you that he wants it too. He will never tell you clearly, but when he analyses his achievements for you, he does not do it just to say “well done”. So make sure you show the interest you need, which will then make him feel even more beautiful.

2. Assessment

It is difficult to separate, in essence, admiration from appreciation. But you must understand that it is equally important, not only to admire the results of your partner’s work, but also to appreciate all the effort he has made in order to achieve them.

3. Companionship

Apart from sex, men need to feel that a woman is somewhere around them, let alone next to them. Sure, everyone needs their personal space and time, but it feels good to know that you will be watching a movie together on TV, even if it is full on the gun, and you are not going to grumble, or go for a run together. we know it’s your worst. In this way, not only will he feel better but the relationship between you will be tied.

4. Beauty

Every man wants to have a well-groomed woman by his side, for whom everyone will admire him. We did not say to be a model, nor to try harder than you can, but try not to neglect yourself, wear something you know he likes, ask his opinion about your perfume and always be a match for which he will feel proud.

5. Calm

The voices, the tension and the constant quarrels never led to a pleasant result. Take care to keep your cool as much as possible, keeping your voice low, to speak in a beautiful tone of voice on the phone and to always be soft-spoken so that only the way you speak seduces him.

6. Courage

When the difficult times come, it would be good to be there next to him to support him, but he does not understand. Men often feel vulnerable but rarely seek the help of a woman. The secret of a relationship is to understand the moment and stand by it to support it, without judging or commenting on facts or people.

7. Recognition

It may be rare, but when a man achieves something, he waits for an act, a sign or even a look of recognition to feel important. Do not deprive him of this joy, do not do it by force and most importantly, take care not to forget it the next minute.

8. Independence

You do not want her? Why not them? Especially when they consider that they have the upper hand in the relationship. It is difficult for him to ask you, because it is like predicting your reactions and a certain quarrel. However, he needs to go out with his friends and pretend to be teenagers, to see his parents but also to spend some time alone.

9. Desire

We left it last but it is the most important. What not only men want, but all people… To feel wanted. By definition masculinity is something that is not disputed and it would be good not to try to do it. If you are really interested in your partner, it means that you also want him sexually. Show it to him in many ways, whether it is direct when you are together, or indirectly like escorts call girls when you are not (if you know what I mean).

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